Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Roger Wennerstrand.
Present Owner:  Enar Viktorsson,
Builder: Roger Wennerstrand, & Kim Sevius,
Build year: 2005.
Chassis no#:  -
Car status: Stands raceready.
Present technical photos:

(photos from archives)
2005-first appearance.

(photo from unknown)
Present appearance.

(photos from archives)


With part from the Danish Jørgen Poulsen's (Jörgen) car, Roger Wennerstrand and Kim Sevius, builds a new rally car from scratch. Wennerstrand ran the car in Various tarmac rallies in Europe, mostly in Holland. What remained of the ex. Danish car, the rolling chassis, was later sold to Norway to André Hoff. In 2011 the car swaps owners, the new owner is now Enar Viktorsson.

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