Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Brink Motorsport.
Present Owner:  Tommy Brink,
Builder: Brink Motorsport, (with parts from the TL2401-car)
Build year: 2000.
Chassis no#:  -
Car status: Being raced in rally & tarmac rally's.
Present technical photos:

(photos from Tommy Brink)
First known appearance.

(photo from unknown)
Present appearance.

(photo from Tommy Brink)


In 1983 Swede Thomas Lindström builds the firts Volvo 240 Turbo with Group-A specifications, he aims to race in the European Championship for saloon cars. This was a very serious atempt done by the Swede, a atempt that gave Lindström the gold coin in the 1983 Nordic Championship in saloon car racing. The car is sold to Finland in the end of 1983, buyer was Finnish Leif Wiik, the car remains in Finland until 1987-89. Then the car is sold back to Sweden to a Kjell Tuvesson, he sells the car to Steffansson Automotive (SAM), and they sells the car to Patrik Werner and finally the car ends up with Tommy Brink.

Brink stripped the car down and keep the ”good parts” (engine, fuel injection system, gearbox and brakes), these parts Brink put into a new rally chassis. Other parts like the front suspensions and rear axlewas sold to a Torbjörn Johanssons later on. But the chassis from the #TL2401 still remains, Brink sells the chassis as a rolling chassis, all that remains on the #TL2401 now is the centre bolt hubs, centre bolt wheels, electrics, air jacks and the Rubi-rollcage. Brinks later sells the rolling chassis to a Torbjörn Svensson.

Until today Brink keep racing the car in rally with the parts from the #TL2401 car.

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