Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Maurer Motorsport.
Present Owner:  Anders Björstig,
Builder: Steffansson Automotive,
Build year: 1992.
Chassis no#:  -
Car status: Stands race ready
Present technical photos:

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First known appearance.

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Present appearance.

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As far as the story tells this is a rally car that was rebuilt to a racing car , something that is pretty unusual cause most times its the other way around, racing to rally and not rally to racing. Either way the one that built and rebuilt this car was Bernt-Inge Steffansson at Steffanssons Automotive (SAM). The car was first built to Kalle Nilsson and the rebuilt on the account of Swiz Beat Maurer and this was done in 199-92.

It is said that this car was first built on a brand new chassis from Volvos production line, the last ever to leave Volvo! The story goes on, Maurer raced the car until 1995, which was very late according to that that the Volvo 240 Turbo was kinda obsolete in racing since the early 90's.

The car was the stored away for some year, as Maurer now started to race with newer Volvos. And then one day a good friend to Maurer get in touch wanting to buy the Volvo 240 Turbo from him, this mans name is Anders Björstig and was around the year 2003. And that was that, the car was sold to Björstig and transported back to Sweden like a kinda lost son to Sweden.

Well Bjöstig still owns the car in the same condition as that time when the car left Switzerland, and is stored among the rest of Björstigs car collection. At one occations Björstig lend the car to Beat Maurer just over a weekend, the occation was the Maurer had got the job to find a Volvo, a Volvo to display at a DTM display in Germany, and then Maurer got to think of his old Volvo. The thing happened and the car was later returned in the same condition as when the car left Björstigs garage.

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