Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Söderqvist Racing Sport (SRS).
Present Owner:  Greger Petersson,
Builder: Söderqvist Racing Sport,
Build year: 1988.
Chassis no#:  -
Car status: Being raced.
1988-first appearance.

(photo from Söderqvist Racing Sport)
Present appearance.

(photo from Peter Vanginderhuysen)


This was to be the last Group-A Volvo ever built, and was built by Söderqvist Racing Sport, in 1987 from scratch. The team first ran the car in the Swedish Championship 1988 with Ingvar Carlsson (that now have passed away) behind the wheel, and then a Italian namned Chipelli (not sure if the name is right) was to have raced the car, but this is a fact I'm unsure of.

Later in 1989 a Belgian team rented the SRS-car to run in the
prestigious Spa 24-hour race, but the race soon ended as far as the Belgians was concerned as they crasched with a row of other cars, the car was in so bad shape that it had to be draged of the track. Söderqvist then transported the car back to Sweden and restored it as good as one could manage.

Later a Danish Jens Nykjær (Nykjaer) rented the car to run in some races, and in 1991-92 the car changed owners, the car was bought by Swede Greger Petersson, Sportpromotion. Petersson started to restore the car as soon as he got the car to his own workshop. The car had been fully restored and tested in both 2011 and 2012 at the Falkenberg track in Peterssons hometown Falkenberg.

The car have been built according to 1985 specifiction to be able to meet the regulations in historic racing, which Peterssons aims to race the car in. 

The car was raced in 2013 in the Historic racing class at Falkenberg, Sweden with Petersson himself behind the wheels.

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Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Date Track Driver Championship
880515 Mantorp,
Ingvar Karlsson
Swedish Touring Championship
880528 Knutstorp,
Ingvar Karlsson
Swedish Touring Championship
880612 Anderstorp,
Ingvar Karlsson
Swedish Touring Championship
880710 Falkenberg,
Ingvar Karlsson
Swedish Touring Championship
880807 Knutstorp,
Ingvar Karlsson
Svenska Mästerskapen i Grupp-A
880904* Kinnekulle,
Ingvar Karlsson
Svenska Mästerskapen i Grupp-A
890723 Spa,
Fred Slaus
Leif Nyvall
Patrick Schreus
Swedish Touring Championship
900715 Falkenberg,
Jens Nykjaer
Swedish Touring Championship
130713 Falkenberg,
Greger Petersson
Oldtimer race