Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Ulf Hertzberg.
Present Owner: Thom De Jong,
Builder: Ulf Hertzberg,
Build year: 1987.
Chassis no#:  -
Car status: Being raced in rally.
First known appearance.

(photo from Thom de Jong)
Present appearance.

(photo from  André Klingemann)


Around 1986 Ulf Hertzberg felt like to step a notch, as he before hade drove a Volvo 140 with a B20 engine with approx 150hp. But Hertzberg had cravings for more effect now, so the 140 was sold and he went to the local scrapyard and found a Volvo 242 1976 model the yet hadn't been scrapped, by that I mean that the number plates and papers were still legal, so Hertzberg bought the car as it was, like a almost empty chassis. Afterwards Ulf returns home, with his new project, a major work was set in motion, as he rebuilt the whole car! 

Hertzberg described it with laughter in his voice ”-It was just the roof, and the floor left, of the car more or less! After I removed the rear end and so on”.

Hertzberg wanted the new look from 1980, so he replaced the whole rear end with new rear end from 1980, and the wheel arches was also replaced and the new tail lights from 1983 was also fitted to the car. All this work was done by Hertzberg himself, with only Volvo Originalparts, no aftermarket parts. He describes the rebuilding of the car as nothing special, as I noted that Hertzberg had done a great job rebuilding his car but, he is humble and down to earth kinda guy and makes no big deal out what he have done. The building process took Hertzberg about a year to complete, he built a turbo engine with a original intercooler, and a slightly modified standard cylinder head with a D-camshaft (no 405- or 531-cylinder head) and a standard K-Jettronic mechanical fuel injection system. He also fitted the car with R-Sport shocks.

The virgin voyage came in 1987. During the past years
Hertzberg had changed to Sellholm front struts and much better shocks, and the car had been tuned by the Swedish company Lejtorp Racing and thereby became difficult to handle with the present parts. The car changed character after the parts from Sellholm. And Hertzberg replaced the old K-Jetronic fuel injection system with a better, and tuned K-Jetronic system, a Group-A turbo from Bernt-Inge Steffansson (Steffansson Automotive - SAM) and flat pistons and so on. The car now had about 250-270 hp.

Hertzberg continued to rally his car until 1992, but the break didn't come for him, he never placed good and never got won any prices. That's to bad after all those hours spent rebuilding his car! But non the less Hertzberg had a great deal of fun during those years in his Volvo he says! After -92 he couldn't find time to rally his car anymore, so the car was put away, in his garage for about 10-12 years. In 2002 a man came to Hertzberg, to have a look at the car, interested of buying it to was this man. His name was Bertil Frisk, and so it became, Frisk bougt Hertzbergs Volvo there and then. However Frisk never could figure the car out, the engine didn't run well, so Frisk sold the car, and its here the present owner comes into the picture, he came all the way from Holland, the Volvo Dealer and rally driver Thom de Jong.

In early stage we all thought that this car was an old Volvo Turbo Cup car, but now we know for a fact that those facts, were infact wrong, its was a built Volvo ala Ulf Hertzberg!

During 2011 the car got a new paint job, still white but no longer the Nordica striping as before, but now more inspired by the (Swedish Volvo Turbo legend) Susanne Kottulinsky car, a car that for a fact De Jong, also had owned once in a past time! Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A Rally.

Technical Specification

Car: Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A Rally.
Aluminum hood, Group-A wing, Canda
-head lights, steel rollcage, sidepipe and the cars total weight is 1200 kg.
Suspensions: Group-A front struts with Sellholm uniballs (built with help from Roger Wennerstrand and Kim Sevuis), the short steering rack.
Brakes: Volvo S60R brakes - front and rear.
Engine: B21ET with a Group-A turbo, aluminium intercooler, T5 camshaft, 405 cylinder head, DTA fuel injection with a effect of 320 hp at 1,3 bar.
Transmissions: 5-speed Group-A gearbox, 1031 steel rear axle with slipdiff from Sellholm.
Wheels: 8"x17" Pegasus.

Note: Thom de Jong says that he's glad that the Volvo 240 Group-A site exist.

Text and research by Björn Ohlson©,® 

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