Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Derichs Rennwagen.
Present Owner: Trond Valstad,
Builder: Derichs Rennwagen,
Build year: 1986.
Chassis no#:  A/13488/86.
Car status: Unknown at the moment.
Technical photos 2000:

(photos from Ferdinand Metz)
1986-first appearance.

(photo from archives)
Present appearance.

(photo from Trond Valstad)


A car from 1984 that was built in 1986 by the German company Derichs Rennwagen, its purpose was to enter in DTM 1987. The Derichs Rennwagen company bought the car from an American the worked on a American Airforce base in Germany at the moment. And this makes this car the one and only car that ever have been built on a Volvo 240 Turbo from the USA, this meant that this car had the American head light and bonnet. The people that drove this car was the Germans Gerhard Müller and Hans Bilger, but with little succes, as a malfunctioning car you doesn't get you far, well not as far as one could wish.

The car have not been raced since 1987 according to what I've found out.

Well more about the car, it was shipped to the USA sometime after 1987, the car was imported to Florida. And soon after the car got to the ”states” a new owner emerged soon. A man, a friend to a Bill Malek, residing in Los Angeles, was a man who himself drove rally in a Volvo 240 and owned his own Volvo workshop. Out of not knowing and out of ignorance (one could imagine) this friend to Bill Malek bought this car, and the car was placed outsite, out in the back of Bill's workshop. And the the car remained for quite some time, and that sometime eventually went from days into years in the rain and sun and all kinds of weathers. This time I'm talking about went on for about 10 year as I've been informed of.

Well a bit into the 00's (2000), a Ferdinand Metz's eyes catches the car, still remaining in the back of Bill Malkes workshop, Metz knowing a little about Volvo as he had raced a Volvo Amazon (most common known as Volvo 122 in the USA). And as Metz felt that it was a shame that the car would be lost forever in the back of that shop, so he felt that he needed to buy the car and thereby save it.

At the same time the Americans was confused why this car had the American front? They knew for a fact that the car was brought in from Germany but ended up deciding that the car must have been restored since the car arrived in the USA. But the actual story tells us a different story, as the car is actually built from a Volvo 240 Turbo that came from the USA from the beginning. Anyway, Metz bought that car, he then put some work into the body and eventually the car came out on the street and sometimes the car was displayed at carshows and so on. But then Metz had to sell the car after he had have the car for 4 years, he was to leave ”the states” and could not bring the car, no matter how much he wanted to.

So he had to put the car out for sale, the asking price I don't know of but the buyer for sure knows about it. The car was bought by a man in Norway, and he got the car home to Norway in a shipping container. Short after the car arrived to Norway, to Trond Valstad, the new owner, started to take the car apart as he was going to restore the car.

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Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Date Track Driver Championship
860427 Nürbergring,
Pit Bilger
870625 Norisring,
Gerhard Müller
870823 Salzburgring,
Gerhard Müller
German Touring Championship in Group-A (DTM)