Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Steffansson Motorsport.
Present Owner: Torbjörn Johansson,
Builder: Steffansson Motorsport,
Rebuilder 1986: Volvo Motorsport, (with the "ETC-system" - "Electronic Traction System)
Build year: 1985.
Chassis no#:  607.
Car status: Is to undergo restoration.
Technical photos 1987:

(photos from archives)

Present technical photos:

(photos from archives)
1985-first appearance.

(photo from Olavi Hakala)
Present appearance.

(photo from Olavi Hakala)


This car was built from spareparts found on the shelves on the Volvo Motorsport dep., the car was built for Volvo Finland in the end of 1986. Involved in this project was also well known (rallystar in Group-A with a Volvo 240 Turbo) Bernt-Inge Steffansson, owner of Swedish company Steffansson Automotive. The car was driven in the Finnish Championship in rally 1987, the car was a pre-driver and then driven by the famous legend Timo Mäkinen. The car have full Group-A spec, with the 1031-aluminum rearaxle, aluminum controlarms, Brembo brakes and its equipped with the ETC-system (only two other cars have this system).

The car caught fire when driven in the Finnish Championship but sustained no remarkable damage, and was restored. But what happened after 1987 with this car I'm not so sure at. But what I know is this: One Kjell Tuvesson owned this car before Torbjörn, and Kjell had brought this car back to Sweden from Finland sometime during the 90's. And Torbjörn Johansson bought the car from Kjell in 1998, and the car still remains with Torbjörn and are awaiting a minor restoration.

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Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Date Track Driver Championship
86? ,

Bernt-Inge Steffansson
Matti Hakala (Co. driver)
Swedish Rally
87? ?,

Timo Mäkinen
Leif Wiik (Co. driver)
1000 Lakes Rally, Finland