Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /TL Racing AB.
Present Owner: Eckart Stuhlmann,
Builder: TL Racing AB, Norrköping,
Build year: 1984.
Chassis no#:  240A 402.
Car status: Is being raced with.
Present technical photos:

(photos from Eckart Stuhlmann)
1984-first apappearanceperance.

(photo from archives)
Present appearance.

(photo from Koen Von Brusselen)


Built in 1984 by Thomas and Tage Lindström, just as a spare car if anything would happened. The #TL003 is the third and last car built by TL Racing (Thomas Lindström), however the #TL003 spare car never came to use. And late in 1984 a man from Portugal show interest in the #TL003, and by Volvo Portugal and Volvo Motorsport this man,António Rodrigues, bought the car (the #TL003 was sold at the same time as 1984 Luna Volvo).

The Volvo was to be raced in the Portugese Championship 1985, and 
Rodrigues took 6 straight wins in a row  but after that the engine startet to cause trouble for Rodrigues rest out of the season -85.

However the next season 1986, Volvo Motorsport sent a mechanic from Sweden to Portugal to solve the problem for Rodrigues, the engine was stripped down and renovated. The conclusion was superb, Rodrigues won a totally ten out of eleven (10/11) races and there by securing 
his total win of the Portugese Championship in 1986! 

Rodrigues competed with the #TL003 until 1988, after that Rodrigues put the car away and started to compete in a Ford Sierra instead. But the car remained with with Rodrigues until this very day.

During 2004 the car was out for sale on the site "Race Cars Direct" at a price of  40.000 Euro, but no one showed interest then. So 
Rodrigues choosed to keep the car, and started to race the car again in uphill racing.

And I finish with saying that this is a car in great condition.

Text and research by Björn Ohlson©,®

Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Date Track Driver Championship
850512 Rampa da Falperra,
Antonio Rodrigues
Rampa da Falperra
850714 Circiuto de VILA REAL,

Antonio Rodrigues
Portugese Touring Championship in Group-A
850929 Circiuto AUTODRIL,


Antonio Rodrigues
Portugese Touring Championship in Group-A
851013 Estoril,
Antonio Rodrigues
Ferreria Da Silva
Portugese Touring Championship in Group-A
860511 Rampa da Falperra,
Antonio Rodrigues
861019 Estoril,
Antonio Rodrigues
Artur Mendes
Portugese Touring Championship in Group-A
100522 Falperra,
Antonio Rodrigues