Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A /Sportpromotion.
Present Owner: Kevin/Nick Morfett,
Builder: Sportpromotion, Halmstad,
Build year: 1983.
Chassis no#:  83003 rsport 007.
Car status: Stands race ready. (In restored mint condition)
Present technical photos:

(photos from Tony Mårtensson)

1983-first appearance.

(photo from archives)
Last known appearance.

(photo from Tony Mårtensson)


Here you have a car that was built from scratch by the Swedish company of Greger Petersson named Sportpromotion. The car was raced in Group-A both here in Sweden and in Europe.

In 1984 the Volvo was sold to Swede Bror Danielsson, wa was a works driver for Volvo during that time in rally. Danielsson competed with the car in the Swedish Rally Championship 1984. After this Volvo sells the car to a David Gillanders in Scotland, who is a Volvo Dealer in Scotland. But before the car was delivered it was brought to Volvo Motorsport, Sweden, and was rebuilt to Right hand drive (RHD), this as the cars are RHD in Great Britain. Later on the British company Gartrack made some modifications on the car. 

Gillanders then had help from Malcolm Wilson when it got to do the service on the car between rallies, and the setup of the car was made by the Swedish rallydriver Bernt-Inge Steffansson (Steffanssons Automotive), Steffansson also gave advise when it came to the shocks. In 1985 David Gillanders competed in the Scottish Rally Championship in Group-A. And together with the co. driver Graham Neish Gillanders managed to be overall winner in the Scottish ESSO Rally 1985.  

The following year Gillanders gets a works contract driving with MG and the Volvo is sold and floated around for many year and it is now said that the car have returned back here, back to Sweden.

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Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Datum Bana Förare Mästerskap
83? Knutstorp,


Greger Petersson
Kvällsposten Race
83? Falkenberg ,


Greger Petersson
Swedish Touring Championship in Group-A
830501 Donington,


Greger Petersson
Anders Olofsson (in photo)
European Touring Championship in Group-A
830515 Enng-Pergusa,
Greger Petersson
Anders Olofsson
European Touring Championship in Group-A
830923* Silverstone,
Greger Petersson
Anders Olofsson
European Touring Championship in Group-A
84? ?


Bror Danielsson
Co. Driver?
Swedish Championship in Group-A Rally
85? ?


David Gillanders
Co. Driver?
Scottish Championship in Group-A Rally
890513 Oulton Park,

Chris Calderbank
Graham Calderbank
BARC North Western Centre Meeting