Volvo 240 Turbo Cup /Volvo R-Sport.
Present Owner: Autohaus Reichhart, Volvo Dealer
Builder: Volvos Service Dep., Gothenburg, (Robert L. Kvist, Göran Sällström and Gunnar Dandenell).
Build year: 1982.
Chassis no#: -
Car status: Is being raced.

1982-first appearance.

(photo from Robert L. Kvist)
Present appearance.

(photo from unknown enthusiast)


This car is built upon a Volvo 242GT but this one is a 1978 model, that was rebuilt with the 1980 rear end and the 1983 front. This car was originally built to run in the Volvo Turbo Cup that started in 1982 here in Sweden, the driver was Swede Rober L. Kvist (that later on drove Volvo group-A in 1984 with the Luna team), and Robert raced the car on Volvos account. But since then the car have changed owners some times before ending up in Germany with Peter Krober thats no longer with us in this world. The plan Kroeber had in mind was to rebuild the car to a group-A car, but sooner then he thought he found a real group-A car to he stored a way the other car for the moment and started to restore his new but used group-A subject. Even so Peter had his new subject, he had put some time into the old Turbo Cup car, the car was worked at Peters company ISA-RACING.  

Later on the Germany company Heico Sportiv found out about this former Turbo Cup car that Peter had stored away, so the Heico company bought the car from Peter Kroeber. Since then the car have been stripped down, restored and put back together again. The car is made to look like the 1986 version of Volvos works cars with Nordica stripes on the side and so on. And today the car is raced in the Germany Youngtimer class for classic cars.

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Race Calendar

If there are any races missing the reason can be either that the car was not in it or there are no data available. * marks the last race of the season, one timer races is left unmarked.
Date Track Driver Championship
820905 Kinnekulle,


Robert L. Kvist
Volvo Turbo Cup
2004 Nürburgring,
Patrick Brenndörfer

Martin Müller

500 km Youngtimer
2005 Nürburgring,
Patrick Brenndörfer

Martin Müller

500 km Youngtimer