Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A Mark Petch Motorsport 1985-replica (Matt Veal)

Present Owner: Matt Veal,
Builder: Matt Veal,
Build year: 2007.
Car status: This is a track day car.

This car is like most other Group-A cars in Australia, its a RHD built Volvo 242GT 1979. Matt is though thinking about rebuilding his car to LHD to get his car more exact like the 1985 Mark Petch Volvo.

At the moment Matt have a B230-engine with a Garret GT28 turbo and Motec ECU in his car. The engine have a effect of 430 hp and are very reliable (duuh its a Volvo we a talking about!). The power goes via a 5-gear Toyota Supra gearbox and finally ends at the 1030 steel axle with diffirential. The rearaxle is equipped watt-link and adjustable toe in/out hubs. To stop the car Matt have chosen Volvo S60R brakes. Did I mention that this was all original stuff?!
Other parts Matt have copied that is from the Group-A era is the adjustble frontstrut upper bearings and the Group-A water injection tank.

Matt race the car every moment he finds in series for older and classic cars (yes the Volvo 240 turbo was declared a classic in 2011). Matt also explains that its not so popular that he shows up in a Volvo at the race meetings since no one in Australia likes a Volvo, "Bloddy Volvo Driver" is a common expression says Matt.