Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A Eggenberger Motorsport-replica (Johan Gustafsson)

Present Owner:  Johan Gustafsson,
Builder: Johan Gustafsson,
Build year: 2006.
Car status: Registered street car in Sweden,

Johan tells me in a mail that he was looking for a Volvo 242 with little rust or no rust at all, he also tells me that he and "Mr. Welder" are not to good friends! And this was said with some irony...

After some time of looking in the ads Johan finally finds the car that catches his interest, the car had been fixed and there were no rust on the body, just as Johan wanted! The engine was not much to look at though, it was a standard B21A engine that had been converted with a turbo, and this was a very poorly done , and the turbo was over and done as the car blew smoke like an old "Diesel Mercedes"... Otherwise things looked as they should in a standard engine bay of a Volvo 240 Turbo, and as for the drivetrain and swaybars, both parts came from a scrapped Volvo 244 Turbo. Now the interior was quite a different story... With something like "homemade" doorpanels, seats from a Volvo 440 and a steeringwheel of an unknown origin, but since Johan only was looking for a body that the rust hadn't attacked yet, the interior made no diffrent to him, and of course the price was right!

If you looked to the exterior many parts from Volvo 240 -86 was present, like the trunk, the rearview mirrors, the hood was the old GLT hood and JP MK 18" wheels (very popular among Volvo people here in Sweden), the car also tinted windows.

So howcome Johan got to built his Eggenberger Group-A replica? Well the answer is not that complicated, it's been dream Johan had since he was a young man.

Its like this, when Johan was only 15 years old, he sat with his father, looking for a car to Johan, and then Johans father found a blue Volvo 242 in the ads and said: "Johan you should have one of those cars, a Volvo 242!" Johans replied his fathers with a laughter and then he replied: "No dad, I want a Volvo 244 Turbo". Afterwards Johans father replied: "There is nothing sportier then a Volvo 242!"

Later on Johan watched a movie clip from Estoril 1985 (Estoril, Portugal), and there he saw the Eggenberger Volvos just whoosh by! There and then it became Johan's dream to one day have a Volvo 242 Turbo made to look like the Eggenberger Volvos! And that's all Johan thought it would be, just a dream and nothing else...

But now as we all know better today as Johan made his dream come through! He got to build the car of his dreams! However Johan would probably not have come this far if not for his good friend Rolf Öhberg (note. the owner of the ex. Peggen Andersson Volvo), so big thanks to Rolf!

Technical Specification

Car: Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica. (1981) "Eggenberger Motorsport"
Chassis: Painted just as the 1985 Eggenberger cars, t
he Canada plastic headlights, sidepipe, catchtank and battery in the trunk of the car and widen in the rear so the 9"x17" wheels will fit.
Suspeinsions: Adjustable Sellhom Tuning struts in the front and full adjustable bilstein shocks in rear.
Engine: B21ET with 92,30 bore, Mahle GrA-skeleton pistons, GrA-con rods, oliltray with claffs, 405-head with T5
cramshaft, GrA-outlet, GrA-turbo, GrA-intercooler, GrA-oil radiator, GrA-fuel injection system, Bosch Gold-injectors (GrA), GrA-inlet and Generation 2 igniton system.
Transmissions: 5-gear Volvo M51 Getrag with 228mm hydraulic Sachs clutcha and Volvo steel 1031 rear-axel with 3,73:1 diffriential.
Wheels: BBS 9"x17" with 5-bolts centre, Avon 235/40-17 tyres.
Brakes: AP-racing brakes with 305mm discs in front and 280mm discs in rear.
Interior: Volvo 240 Turbo standard with Recaro-chairs, Volvo 242GT instruments and a steel rollcage built just as the Rubi rollcage.