Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A 4 door-replica (Thomas Stammler)

Present Owner: Lars Thenander,
Builder: Magnum Racing (original car).

Resbuilder 2000: Thomas Stammler, (only the parts was saved).

Build year: 2000 (1991 - original car).
Car status: Registered street car in Sweden,

This car started up from a empty chassis and was built up to a complete race car. With a brand new chassis from the Volvo production line, Sune Ohlson built this car in his garage. At first Sune ran the car in the Volvo Turbo Cup 1986-88, after that it was upgraded to Group-A spec. His car was updated with the parts needed to make the car into a Group-A racer, and with a engine from Magnum Racing in Stockholm, Sweden.

That was then and many years ago
(1991) Thomas Stammler was looking for a Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A to buy, so he made contact with Per Stureson, but his car had already been sold but Stammler then got the tip to contact Sune Ohlsson, said and done, Stammler made contact with Sune and got to buys his car.

Sadly the chassis was in such a bad shape, according to Stammler, so he took all the parts and moved it over to a mint Volvo 244 chassis instead. Stammler that lives in Austria (He is born Swede), said that to find a 242 chassis in Austria was impossible in that time, so thats why he made the choice of moving the parts over to the 4-door chassis. Thomas had plans to race the car in som uphill races but he didn't hade enough time for this...

In 11 october 2008 the car changed owner, as the car had been out for sale on my site for some time (, a man went all the way (to Austria from Sweden) and bought the car from Thomas, the buyers name was Lars Thenander, son of Bengt Thenander (who raced in Volvo Turbo Cup and in Group-A during the 80's and the earlie 90's).

Plans now is to move all the parts over to a fresh Volvo 242 chassis.