Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica (Esko Salonen)

Present Owner: Peter Pettersson,
Builder: Esko Salonen,
Build year: 1995.
Car status: Is to be complete rebuilt to Group-A.

This car was built with parts from a Group-A Volvo that was built for a Volvo boss, and with these parts Esko could build his very own replica, something that took Esko about 2 years to complete.

But if we take this from the start, as I said a car was built to a Volvo boss (don't know who?), after this a Finnish man bought this car equipped with Group-A parts, this man didn't use the car that mutch. After this the car changed owners and then one day the car was rebuilt to go in rallycross, and all the Group-A parts were sold of, this should have been in 1994-95.

Salonen then got the chance to buy some of these parts from this unknown Group-A car, built at the account of a Volvo boss in around 1992. Salonen then bought the 1031 VMS rearaxle, BBS-wheels, swaybars and some suspsension parts and so on.

And as mentioned earlier Salonen completed his building of his car in about 2 years, and his car was a street car equpped with a tuned B20 engine, no turbo.

In 2007-08 Esko sold his beloved car to a man in Norway, Trond Valstad, and what Trond did was to strip the car from the 1031 VMS rearaxle and sold the car again, in Norway, to Thor Rustad in 2009. And around 2010 Thor sells the car to Sweden to a Peter Pettersson, and Peter is planing to build a fullblown Group-A Volvo of it!

Esko have also told me that the chassis the Group-A parts from is still alive and kicking as a Rallycross car.

Technical Specification

Car: Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica.
Chassis: Original with Group-A wing and steel rollcage and Group-A wing.
Suspensions: Bilstein shocks front/rear, adjustable frontstruts, Group-A swaybars and wattlink.
Brakes: AP-brakes and AP discs.
Motor: No engine at this moment.
Transmissions: 1030 aluminium rear axle with wattlink and R-Sport diffirential 3,91 final gear.
Wheels: 16" BBS.