Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica (Peter Malm)

Present Owner: Råbin Sandqvist,
Builder: Mats Olsson och Peter Malm
Build year: 1995.
Car status: Is to undergo restoration.

The builder of this car is what we here in Sweden talks in terms of ”en riktig Göteborgare” (translation: "A good ol' guy from Gothenburg"), Peter Malm. Malm built the car in the years 1993-94, based on a crasched 242 chassis, that was stripped down to a empty body, he fixed up the body and sand blasted it, rebuilt to with only one windshield swiper instead of two from the beginning, and finally a good old glossy black paint job.

Peter wanted a more ”race kinda look” on his car, so he decided that he wanted to build a replica of his favourite car, a car that he spent much time watching whether it was in a magazine, pictures or on tv, more precise a Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A. Peter contacted a friend of his to get some advices and pointers how he would do, and how he could get a hold of the right parts, so to speak, and his friend was Matti Hakala, with Hakala being well known with these cars. As he worked on the in the 80's.

Hakala gave Malm a tip to contact Leif Wiik in Finland, where Wiik was the person that have bought the remaining spareparts from Volvo Motorsport in Sweden in late 1980's. Malm made a little trip to Wiik in Finland, they did some business and Malm came home with a set of Speedline 5-spoke centrebolt wheels, some engineparts and some suspensionparts and among those parts a genuine VMS 1031 rearaxle also.

Further on in the building of his Group-A dream car Malm made the choice of moving the rear axle 1,5 centimeters forward, this was done so that he didn't need to widen the wheel arches, so the Speedline wheels would fit right in. This was done with a tip from Malms friend Mats Olsson, a man who worked at the Swedish company Momek. And one other tip Malm got was that he would use the headlight plastic glas from the Volvo 240's that was exported to Canada, since the Group-A cars had headlighglas in plastic. (The headlight glas in Group-A is not to be confused with the model for the exported cars to Canada)

Later on Malm made yet an other trip to Finland and to Leif Wiik, this time it was to buy one set of the Eggenberger suspension, a set of air jacks that the car later was fitted with. What Malm had done now was that he had built his car of dreams, with his own hands and he now got that a great feeling of accomplishment! He now had a street legal car built exacly like a real Group-A race car!

In a later phase, in Malm's life, he made the decision to sell the car. The man who buys the car is a man by the name (also) Peter, however his last namn is Ribberström. As Malm sold the car it was sold as a rolling chassis, this as Malm had sold the engine, gearbox, rearaxle and fuel injectio system seperately. However the Speedline wheels were still on the car.

The new owner Ribberström put a V8-engine into the street legal Group-A car, now it no longer was a as much of a Group-A car as before when Malm had the car...

In 2000 Ribberström puts the car out for sale, at the price of 65.000 SEK (approx 7600 Euro according to the currency of the date 12-10-31), as, once more, a rolling chassis. But all other parts followed the car except the V8-engine. And one man took the bait and bought the from Ribberström, this mans name was Råbin Sandqvist (Robin).

But since then the car have been stored away for many many years due to the lack of interest and economics to fix the car up. But there is plans to restore the car, but like always time is not enough, but the plans is to put a B23FT engine with M90 gearbox into the car, Group-A intercooler and a aftermarket fuel injection sytem, like MIRA for example.