Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica (Zacco Motorsport)

Present Owner: Pelle Nilsson,
Builder: Zacco Motorsport & Hans-Åke Söderqvist,
Build year: 1989.
Car status: Registered street car in Sweden,

In 1989 two companies, Söderqvist Racing Sport (SRS) and Zacco Motorsport, started to build a Group-A street car. The car is actually built as replica of a Group-A racecar, with all the right parts needed, from the start this car was built by (or rather to) Hasse Svensson in Staffanstorp, Sweden, that owns the company Carwent Sweden Zacco Motorsport, hence the nickname "Zacco-Volvo" here in Sweden.

Pelle Nilsson purchased the car in 1995, whom owns a formidable brigade of Group-A Volvos from the good old 80's, a works car - Australian Volvo Dealer team car (#42) and non the less then two DTM Volvos: The 1985 DTM-Winner car of Per Stureson and the car of Anders Lindberg.

Pelle completed the car with some new parts that it did not have when it was built in 1989:

> Group-A rollcage in
aluminum from Rubi in Germany.
Group-A Getrag M51-gearbox.
Group-A intercooler.
> Group
-A swaybars.
> Group
-A electric system.
> Group
-A water injection.

Those few details that seperate this car from a fullblown Group-A race car today is the missing air jacks and that the engine block is from a B230 -98 and not a B21 engine block. And that the car is now fitted with a modern and electric fuel injection system.

Technical Specification

Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A replica.
Chassis: Aluminum
hood, aluminum trunk lid, thinner glas windows, plastic headlights glas, Rubi aluminum rollcage and that the spare wheel wells have been

Eggenberger front suspension with Bilstein shocks front/rear.
AP-calipers "Close Back" with 315mm front brake and AP 305mm rear brakes.
B230ETAL engine with Grottis/Volvo Motorsport cylinder head, Group-A intercooler and Group-A turbo - 370hp.
Transmissions: 1031 Volvo Motorsport rear axle with a M30 Dana
differential 3,54:1. and a Getrag motorsport 5-speed gearbox with AP 215mm clutch.
Wheels: 17"x9" Speedline magnesium centrebolt wheels.