Volvo 240 Turbo (Group-A Eggenberger/Magnum (Public Relations Car)

Present Owner: Christian Persson,
Builder: Volvo Motorsport,
Re-builder: Per-Åke Karlsson,
Build year: 1985.
Car status: Registered street car in Sweden,

Every car have its own start, and this cars life started in Sweden at the Volvo production line and was soon to be one of those 500 Evolution cars, that Volvo exported to the USA to qualify to the FISA regulation and to race in Group-A. However this car was kept at Volvo Motorsport to function as a Public Relations car (PR) to the Volvo Dealers in Europe in 1985, the car was built exactly as a Group-A car and was made to look exactly like the Eggenberger Motorsport Volvos. The car was transported around Europe and was displayed at a numerous carshows, and at the Volvo Dealers in Europe to reach out to the public.

All the parts that was put into the car came from the Volvo Motorsport department.

Later on the car was purchased by a man in Finland, he raced the in the Finnish Turbo Cup, who this man is unknown to me. The car was only used as a spare car if something were to happen to the other car. But the car was left intact and was later sold back to Sweden to Bernt-Inge Steffansson (Steffanssons Automotive, SAM).

A man by the name Per-Åke Karlsson from the south of Sweden found out about this car and went to Steffanssons Automotive to have a look at the car, that now was out for sale again. But Per-Åke felt that the asking price was to high for him, so he gently asked if he only could buy the chassis and not the Group-A parts on the car. This was done as Steffansson saw no trouble of getting the Group-A parts sold.

Back at home with Per-Åke, who had a big warehouse, of spare parts from Volvo 240 cars of a mixed blend. Among these parts Per-Åke had a pretty well crasched Volvo 244 Turbo -84 that only had been driven 248 miles. This car became the donor car to the new chassis that Per-Åke bought from Steffansson, also some new parts had to be acquired to the car, things to make this car a fun street legal car, and to make it street legal Per-Åke had to take the identification from a Volvo 242 1975.

The only thing that is Group-A on the car today is the old holes for the air jacks that still are there on the car, but have been welded shut of course, and also some of the old electrics in the cockpit remains, however not in use.

A final thing I want to add is that this car never was and will never be a genuine Group-A car, the car was built in a haste as Volvo needed a exhibit object to display on major exhibitions around Europe in 1985.