Something a Volvo 240T Group-A do to is perform! (even the road 240T) Here I presents the performance of the Volvo 240T Group-A.

If you scroll down the page you'll see a table and a comparison between the Volvo 240 Turbo Original, the Volvo 240 Turbo Cup and the Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A from 1984, this is to give you readers a glimpse of the performance between the three different cars, this is probably something many of you readers already know. So this is for you readers that don't know.

The pictures show the engine bay of - 240 Turbo Original, Swede Mars Edefell's 240 Turbo Cup Volvo and Peggen Andersson's 240 Turbo Group-A Volvo.

Volvo B21ET Original, 155 hp.

Volvo B21A Turbo Cup, 200 hp.


Volvo B21ETAL Group-A, 300 hp.

CAR Volvo 240 Turbo Volvo 240 Turbo Cup Volvo 240 Turbo Group-A
Engine/Effect: B21ET / 155 hp. B21A / 200 hp (250 bhp -85). B21ET /  300 hp ( 360 hp ETC-car).
Turbo charge: 0,7 kilos. 0,8 kilos. 1,5 kilos with intercooler.
Compression: 7,5:1. 6,5:1. 6,5:1 (7,2:1 with water injection).
Pistons: Cast. Same pistons as B21ET. Forged.
Camshaft: A. A. A.
Connecting Rods: Volvo Original. Volvo Original. Volvo Original.
Engineblock: B21ET. B21A. B21ET.
Cylinder head: B21E. B21A. B23E.
Gearbox: 4-gears with overdrive. 4-gears. 5-gears Getrag.
Clutch: Volvo Original. R-Sport Competetition clutch. Sintred Sachs.
Rear axle ratio: 3.73:1. 4,10:1. 3,73:1 or 3,15:1
Fuel injection system: Bosch injection. A Stromberg carburetor. Bosh injection (Porsche + Mercedes).
Oil cooling: Not available. 19-rows Setrab oilcooler. Two 19-rows Setrab oil radiator.

Volvo Original.

Volvo Turbo sway bar, rally springs and rally dampers.

All rubber bushes gone, replaced with uniballs. Very hard front spri ngs, Volvo 245 rear springs. Racing dampers. 25 mm sway bar front and 16,19,21 and 23 mm sway bar in the rear.
Brakes: Original. Original with Taxi pads or Original pads. Original with race pads. Works just fine!
Wheels: 6 inches x 15 inches. 6 inches x 15 inches. 8,5 inches x 16 inches.
Tyres: Pirelli 195/60/15. Pirelli 205/50/15. Pirelli 245/45/16.
1410 kilos.
1090 kilos.
1050 kilos (in DTM weights was needed to reach 1160 kilos).
Top speed: Approx. 195 km/h 210 km/h. 260 km/h (with 3,15:1 ratio).
Falkenberg/SWE. 165 km/h. 190 km/h. 215 km/h.
Laptime: 55 seconds. 49 seconds. 45 seconds.

Following to add

In 1985 the Volvo Turbo Cup Volvo got a intercooler and more horse powers, about 250 hp. Also available was the same 16  
     inch wheels/tires and rear spoiler on the trunk as the group-A Volvo.

2: Many of those parts that are equipped on a Volvo 240, can be bought over the counter at you local Volvo dealership store.
    The Turbocharger kit (Volvo Turbo Cup) was available to buy at your local Volvo dealer to (it was and expensive kit, but hey
    you needet it to compete in the Turbo Cup Series), also stronger sway bars that makes miracle on the suspension on a Volvo
    240. To be able to keep the car on the road or track is always funny even if you do have or don't have 250 bhp on the wheels.

Top speed of the Group-A Volvo

Over 250-290 km/h, according to the final ratio. Top speed 300km/h. 1000 meters with standing start: 25,6 seconds.

Ratios of the rear axle of the Group-A Volvo

> 1:4,56. > 1:3,91. > 1:3,73. > 1:3,54. > 1:3,31.
> 1:3,15.
> 1:2,86.
(Explanation: For example in the 1:4,56 ratio it means that when the wheel have spun one lap it means that the ratio have spun 4,56 laps.)

Gear changing and top speed performance of the Group-A Volvo

Gear change at 7000 rpm, with a 3,73:1 final ratio.

1 - 95km/h.

2 - 32km/h.

3 - 165km/h.

4 - 197km/h.

5 - 223km/h.

(1:a växel låg nedåt)


0-60km/h - 3,4 sec.

-0-80km/h - 4,3 sec.

-0-100km/h - 6,0 sec.

-0-120km/h - 7,7 sec.

-0-140km/h - 9,8 sec.

-0-160km/h - 12,5 sec.

-0-180km/h - 16,4 sec.

-0-200km/h - 23,5 sec.

(Best reported top speed was measured at 290-300 km/h)

Homologation rules and facts about the Group-A Volvo

Group-A modifications allowed.

Under FISA Group A homologation rules e.g. 1985 FIA rule 177 and 178: Applications for changes must be submitted by the car manufacturer. FISA Volvo 240 Turbo Homologation No. A-5020 valid from 1982.03.01 Group A. (Homologation lasts for 5 years)

Homologation is easily explained that a car that have been homologated can only been driven on the racetrack and never on the public road.
- Full suspension geometry and layout. (Original mounting points must be preserved).

- Engine internals including camshafts, crankshaft, valves. Other engine components can be machined. The original production engine block
  must be preserved

- Engine peripherals (Radiators - water, oil, Intercooler).
- Engine management.

- Braking system pads, discs calipers may be totally replaced.

- Gearbox, gear ratios, number of gears and gear selection.

- Differentials - LSD allowed.

- Final drive ratio

- Electric equipment.

- Roll cage design.

- Headlights (original casings must be preserved).

Click the link below to see the FISA Homologation papers of the Volvo 240 Turbo. Volvo 240 Turbo Homologation documents.